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Epic Death Awaits by Donny-B Epic Death Awaits by Donny-B
"Epic death awaits" for whoever it is that he's getting ready to fight ;)

Besides the pose and the angle, I love this drawing for the technique. I took a different approach with this one than my usual style - instead of doing straight up blending, I decided to use nothing but cross hatching to give the desired texture.
Yeah, that's right - this drawing was done entirely by drawing tons of tiny lines for the detail work. If I wanted to make one part dark, I simply layered lines over that area until it became as dark as I wanted it. And likewise, the lighter parts were simply done by applying fewer lines.

I would assume that most people would never care to look hard enough to see that this is how I did it (if you're one of the few who would care to look, click the download button on the left to see a much larger version of this image). But to me, it was an accomplishment, since it was so drastically different than my normal method. It felt good to put in such an insane amount of work and not be disappointed with the outcome =P

Yeah, the big downside to doing all of the shading with countless layers of extremely fine cross hatching, is that it takes FOREVER. I didn't count the hours I invested in this drawing... and that's probably a good thing, because I would likely feel the need to kick myself in the tooth for spending so much time and energy on one drawing.

But overall, I think it was worth it.
Now I just have to figure out what I want to do with the background...

Medium: Pencil
Finish Date: None Yet. But this much progress was completed sometime around October of 2008
KreepingSpawn Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
the expression is priceless! ;p
shoulder pads, great idea!
Ridley126 Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2009  Professional Digital Artist
Thats Awesome :D
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February 21, 2009
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